American Idol’s Avalon Young Undergoes 2nd Surgery Amid Brain Cancer Battle

American Idol's Avalon Young Undergoes 2nd Surgery Amid Brain Cancer Battle 1 UPDATE: Avalon Young has undergone her second surgery amid her brain cancer battle. On the day before the May 27 procedure, the American Idol alum took to Twitter to share the news and...

American Idol alum Avalon Young is making a desperate plea: help save her life.

Two months after undergoing a 16-hour surgery to remove a tumor the size of a peach from her left lobe in February, Young was diagnosed with brain cancer. Now, as she faces a second surgery this May, her family and friends are hoping to raise awareness—and funds for her medical expenses.

Her doctor has recommended “Laser Surgery to remove more of the remaining tumor, located in two different sections of her brain,” reads an April 21st update on a GoFundMe page, which aims to raise $100,000. “Radiation and Chemo Therapy will follow. We are confident our Medical Team will continue to perform miracles and Avalon will recovery [sic] quickly.”

Back in November, Young—who competed on season 15 of American Idol back in 2016—started having seizures, but doctors believed it was anxiety and prescribed her with medication, she explained in February.

“Homeopathic doctors told me I had an issue with serotonin and gave me pounds of vitamins,” she continued. “I had bloodwork done, a QEEG, and an EEG and there was no sign of any problem with my brain.” 

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