Jenna Fischer Reveals The Office’s Most Expensive Scene and It’s Probably Not What You Think

Jenna Fischer Reveals The Office's Most Expensive Scene and It's Probably Not What You Think 1 When it comes to The Office's most expensive scene, Jim and Pam took the cake--and no, we're not talking about the cake at their wedding. During the latest Office...

“To create the illusion of highway traffic, they built a four-lane circular racetrack around the gas station set,” she continued. “They set up cameras on the other side of this raceway and they had cars drive around it at 55 miles an hour. Then they added rain pouring down on us [with] these giant rain machines. Our production manager, Randy Cordray, said they had about 35 precision drivers. They were driving not just cars, but like, semi-trucks. When we were standing there on that set, you could feel the wind, like, of these cars speeding past you. It was so, so bonkers.” 

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